Science Circus logo redesign

Logo redesign for Science Circus.

Final logo in black
In a college course I was tasked with redesigning the logo for Science Circus. Science Circus is a science show for kids that was created by Rhys Thomas. He uses circus tricks to teach different aspects of phsyics. In my logo, I used the unicycle (which is one of the tricks he performs in his shows) combined with an atom to create a playful, yet professional logo.
My rough comps ended up being very similar to my first thumbnails. I played around with a lot of different type faces in this stage. I thought the type below felt nostaligic and reminded me of the circus. I also added color in this iteration. I choose primary colors as they added a fun and childlike appeal.
Rough comps
During a critique, someone brought up the idea of wrapping the type around the image and it worked out really well. The yellow from the previous iteration was too light and so I darkened it. I decided to lighten the black to grey to give the colors in the middle more attention. I also simplified the shapes of the unicycle to make it feel more iconic. I tried a more scientific font and found that it fit the style of logo better. 
Final Logo in color
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